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about the site

Soweto Gospel Fans was founded in 2008 as the brainchild of SGC fan Elaine.

When looking online, she was unable to find a place or outlet to share her love for all things SGC. Thinking that there had to be other like-minded fans out there, she decided to create a website to fill that void.

Thus, Soweto Gospel Fans was launched as a fansite dedicated to the Soweto Gospel Choir.

It is our hope that this site becomes THE place for all SGC fans!

We’re glad that you’ve stopped by!

Meet the SGF Team

Site Founder and Administrator || Email
I hail from the lovely city of Thornhill, Ontario (just outside Toronto) and am a  graduate of the University of Toronto.

I have been a pretty big fan of the Choir for a few years now, and am completely in awe every time I hear them. What amazing music, eh? (some Canadiana there for you!)

Watching the Choir perform live is truly a wonderful experience and something that everyone MUST experience at least once in their lifetime!  I’ve been lucky enough to have seen the Choir perform quite a few times–and after each time I leave wanting more!  I can never get enough!

In “real life”, I work for various sporting events and teams; and enjoy traveling greatly.  My other interests include sitting on the porch while watching a summer storm and taking long walks on the beach :p

Much love!

Favourite SGC Songs: Thina Simnqobile, I’ll Remember You and Prayer for South Africa.

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Is this site the Soweto Gospel Choir’s official website?
No, this is not the SGC’s official site.

Their official site is located at

Is this site affiliated with the SGC?
No, SGF is a site created by fans for SGC fans. We are in no way associated officially with the Choir, management or promoters.

This site, however, is grateful to have the support of many of the Choir’s members and its’ management.

Who runs this site?
SGF is run and maintained primarily by SGC fan Elaine.

How can I take part in this site?
Simply register to become a SGF Member and you can automatically take part in discussions, post articles, news and interact with other fans!

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