Sunday 04th June 2023,
Soweto Gospel Fans

Voices from Heaven

South African choral music is renowned for passionate singing and soul-stirring harmonies. The Soweto Gospel Choir is made up of top talent from throughout that hard-scrabble yet celebrated Township.

All sixteen tracks were seemingly recorded studio-live with no overdubbing or after-the-fact prettying-up. Paradise Road is led by a powerful pair of female voices who sing in English about walking hand-in-hand toward a place where there will be no more pain.

It is almost unbearably poignant. A ceremonial yet ecstatic version of “Amazing Grace” renews the power and grandeur of a seriously hackneyed hymn. The selections are either sung a cappella or accompanied by a guitar-led mbaqanga combo, plus drums, hand-clapping, stamping, exhortations, whistling ,and high-pitched ululations.

There is even a taste of sacred R&B and hip-hop! The lord being praised here is obviously a robust but loving realist; the voices are redolent of humanity in all its fragile, undying splendor.

Track Listings:

  1. Jikela Emaweni
  2. Vuma
  3. Thina Simnqobile
  4. Zanele
  5. Paradise Road
  6. Ahuna Ya Yswanag Le Jesu/Kammatia
  7. Many Rivers to Cross/Going Down Jordan/Amen (Medley)
  8. Amazing Grace
  9. Thula Baba
  10. Sikulandile
  11. Malaika
  12. Hlanganani
  13. Bayete
  14. Jerusalem
  15. Holy City/Bayete (Medley)
  16. African Dream