Sunday 04th June 2023,
Soweto Gospel Fans

Rebecca Nyamane

Rebecca Nyamane started singing at the age of three during a six-month hospital stay. The patients would gather for a little prayer before they went to bed, and she would volunteer to start a song.

At the age of eight she went to live with her aunt in the Western Cape, where the devoutly Christian family attended church every Sunday and Rebecca would lead the choir.

Today she is with the Conquerors Through Christ Ministries Church in Pretoria, where many musical workshops are held.

In the late ’90s Rebecca joined the Student Christian Fellowship at her high school and studied drama, African dance, and gospel music, for which she entered competitions and performed at musical festivals.

She then helped form the gospel group Nuwave, which performed at the cultural festivals at the State Theater in Pretoria, where Rebecca was named Singer of the Year.

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