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Adelaide Fringe 2017 Review

Elaine February 19, 2017 Reviews Comments Off on Adelaide Fringe 2017 Review

By Play & Go Adelaide
February 19, 2017

The Soweto Gospel Choir at the Royal Croquet Club is an energetic and lively show for music lovers.

The Soweto Gospel Choir isn’t simply a performance, nor just a show with music and dancing – it is an experience! From the moment the show begins, it is clear that the choir members are here to share their stories, their culture, their music and their faith with all of the audience.

The show started with a greeting in all eleven official languages of South Africa, where the choir originates from. The songs were a mix of African Gospel and South African Freedom songs, sung with a lot of colour and movement.

Although the set was simple and the choir was mostly unaccompanied apart from a mix of drums and the occasional keyboard input, the choir members were mesmerising. They used their voices not just to create incredible, soulful harmonies but also a variety of percussion type noises to accompany and carry the songs along.

While some of the songs were moving, there were many which featured a lot of humour. One such song included a serenade of members of the audience, which had us all giggling.

There is no one star of the show, solos are shared around and when they sing together, the sound that is created is powerful and amazing!

It was evident how much the choir wanted to share their music with the audience when they invited the audience members first to clap along to the music but in their final song (Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah) to actually join in singing the chorus. Everybody knew the song, so got on board with the singing. This was a particularly moving song and beautifully performed. I had a surreal moment of forgetting I was actually in a Royal Croquet Club tent!

The Soweto Gospel choir has performed for royalty and world leaders so it was a privilege to be a part of this show, because at the end, that’s just how it feels – like you’re a part of the experience!

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