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Welcome to the New Soweto Gospel Fans!

Elaine January 8, 2009 Site Updates Comments Off on Welcome to the New Soweto Gospel Fans!

Welcome to the new Soweto Gospel Fans site.

After seeing the Choir perform live again a few weeks ago in Toronto and meeting various members of the Choir, I was completely inspired to retool the entire SGF site (there were also some major technical issues with the old site I was unhappy about).  It was time for change, and after working diligently the last few weeks, I am stoked to relaunch this site.

As you will see, the new SGF is now chock full of content both new and old.  I have literally spent hours and days looking for all relevant content about the SGC, and have sorted and added them to this site.

Please take your time going through all the content—there’s a lot, and hopefully you will enjoy it all. One thing to note in terms of organization is that I have added/archived all articles, photos, videos and news under the date of occurrence, not the date of update.

I have also updated and expanded the Choir Members section with more members past and present. If I have overlooked anyone or have additional information, please contact me, as I would be more than happy to update the information. (Note: I am currently trying to track down somebody who has a copy of the Choir’s program from the 2008 October-December European Tour. If you have a copy of the program, please contact me! Thanks)

This new site will allow me to post and share all the latest developments of the SGC as it happens. If you would like to help keep this site updated or have any content to share, please register and submit it! I am hoping that this site will become a collective effort of all SGC fans, and SGF is open to any and all contributions from other fans.

I also hope to provide regular Features that are either unique or exclusive to SGF. I have kicked off with today’s relaunch two features that will be regularly updated: Getting to Know and Soweto Sounds. Please check out their introductions and first features…they’re good ones!

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to two people for all their help in the relaunch:

Crystal, for listening to me bounce off a zillion and one ideas about the site and asking for her opinion on the biggest to the most mundane aspects of the new SGF (wanted, or not!). I am sure I was driving you crazy with the consistent badgering, but thank you for all your input and help!

Thembisa, for being a rockstar in not only agreeing to be the first choir member featured in Getting to Know, but also for answering my plethora of questions about the Choir. Hopefully I didn’t bother you too much! 🙂  Thank you for your support!

To any Choir members who happen to stumble upon this site, please contact me if you would like to take part–would love to feature you at SGF!

Well, I think I’ve said all that I need to say. Enjoy the new site and please do leave me any comments, feedback, questions or messages! Would love to hear what you think.

All my best,

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